Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fidler to Constituents: Screw You!!!!

I believe that the mayor and city council are voted by the people and must represent the people and not serve their own agendas. We the people should be the only priority. What I have witnessed over the past few weeks by the mayor and the city council is anything but disgraceful. How public servants can say that they have the people's best interests at heart by extending term limits is beyond me, when after two voter referendums, we the people have said that two terms totaling eight years is what we want.

Many city councilmen have ignored the wishes of their constituents, the same people who voted them into office. In the 46th district where Lew Fidler is the councilman, many Marine Park residents are stating that he blatantly ignored the wishes of his constituents and they feel betrayed. Mr. Fidler claims that he is in favor of good government, but I do not believe that voting against what your constituents desire is the definition of what good government is. I believe what Mr. Fidler did is only self serving.

As first reported in the Kings Courier, by Michele De Meglio, Lew Fidler is facing a backlash from his constitutents. The article states that Fidler came under fire for his position on the controversial measure at last week’s Marine Park Civic Association meeting, held at P.S. 207 on Fillmore Avenue.“The fact that 600,000 people said we don’t want term limits doesn’t mean anything to you?” questioned Kimball Street resident Sean Toner.

“I represent 156,000 people,” Fidler countered. “I don’t govern by poll. I’m telling you what I feel and why I think this is the best policy for good government.”“Term limits are bad government,” Fidler added. “The speaker of our body is either a freshman or a lame duck.”

You will have an opportunity in the next election to vote for or against Mike Bloomberg or for or against Lew Fidler,” Fidler said. “You do have a choice. You’ll have a choice next November.”

But locals argued that Fidler will remain the Democratic Party’s candidate, thereby preventing a new candidate from being selected.“You’re a Democrat. No one’s going to vote for the other side. It’s a fixed election,” Toner asserted.“It’s self-serving,” Jennings said. “He wants to keep his job.”

One thing that Mr. Fidler is correct is that we, the people will have a choice, and that choice will be in September and not November. It would be foolish for anyone to overlook a primary election.

When your constituents speak to you Mr. Fidler, it is vital that you listen to them because they are ultimately the ones who you work for.

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