Wednesday, February 11, 2009

City Hall, Albany, Washingtgon and the Middle East News

NYPD Cutbacks
COPS HANDCUFFED: DOWNTOWN TERROR FORCE ON HOLD *** Bloomberg cuts the cops *** NYC police scale back security plan for downtown *** NYPD Forced To Cut 2010 Police Class *** NYPD: Poor economy hurts Ground Zero staffing *** Kelly: NYPD to scrap 2010 rookie class, WTC patrol plans *** Police Stops on City Streets Rose Significantly Last Year *** Bloomberg to Lobby in D.C. for Stimulus Aid

Other NYC News
NYC, London vie for the bottom *** Wal-Mart cutting jobs, moving others to NYC *** City Council takes up livery cab passengers' bill of rights *** HIGH RISE IN HOUSING UNITS - housing stock increased by a record 67,792 units between 2005 and 2008, but the vacancy rate dropped from 3.09 to 2.88 percent *** Proposal aims to grow green spaces on city roofs *** MTA spellers way off-off Broadway *** EJ McMahon ponders New York's life without the old Wall Street.

Albany Wants to Tax You
'MILLIONAIRES' EVERYWHERE - NYP ED *** 'MILLIONAIRE TAX' STILL IN PLAY WITH PATERSON *** NYS Public Radio: Karen DeWitt: Governor Offers Conditional Support for Tax Hike (Business/Economy, Politics & Elections, State Government) *** Fair Share Tax Reform Gaining Momentum *** Gov waffles on tax hikes for wealthy *** New York Allots Another $2 Billion for Unemployment Benefits *** Paterson provides $2B to buoy jobless *** State Lawmakers Ponder Stimulus Fix *** On Utility Regulators, It's 'Same Old, Same Old' *** LOTTERY MAY BET ITS MARBLES ON THE MARKET *** Paterson proposal would invest Lotto prize pool in stock market *** As senator, Gillibrand shows no sign of a maverick - Newsday Ed *** Albany Times Union: Bruno trial slated for November (Law/Courts, Politics & Elections) *** State Senate Republicans say the 137 tax and fee increases in Paterson's budget proposal would cost a middle-class family $3,000 a year *** Acampora to PSC: Huh? Why would Paterson do that?.

$3 trillion! _ Senate, Fed, Treasury attack crisis *** Geithner's big moment: a tough sell *** Bailout Plan: $2.5 Trillion and a Strong U.S. Hand *** Obama: "Wall Street I Think Is Hoping For An Easy Out... There Is No Easy Out" *** Obama's tough love rattles Wall Street *** FLYIN'-HEARTED: PREZ MEETS PRESS IN AIR *** Obama and the Press Play Wiffle Ball While Americans Strike Out? *** In Retrospect, Not Such A Bad Start For Obama - Ruth Marcus, Wash Post *** Our Clever President - Tony Blankley, Washington Times *** Congress Negotiations intensify on final stimulus plan ** Senate Begins Intense Negotiations *** Up Next for Bankers: A Flogging - Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times *** Bankers to appear before dubious Congress *** Bank Execs to Face House Panel Today *** Republican Strategy of Deny, Delay and Do Nothing - Paul Begala, CNN *** Obama Must Do More to Get GOP on Board - Steve Huntley, Chicago ST *** Now is No Time for Compromise - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post *** Congress Misreads Public Anger at Wall Street - Caroline Baum, Bloomberg *** 'UNCARING' SCHUMER TAKES HEAT ON SPENDING *** VIDEO: Schumer: The American People Don't Care About Pork Projects In Stimulus... *** Schumer wins some, loses some in stimulus package *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: Lawmakers in stimulus dilemma *** Public is Growing More Skeptical of Content in Bill - William McGurn, WSJ

Middle East
HILL'S CHILL PILL ON IRAN *** Clinton holds out hope for useful talks with Iran *** US grappling with Canada's exit from Afghanistan *** Israel Rivals Both Claim Win... Developing... *** Battle Is Close in Israeli Election *** Rivals Both Claim Victory in Israel *** One Region, Two States - Shimon Peres, Washington Post *** The Prime Minister's To-Do List - Amir Mizroch, Jerusalem Post *** Rage Grows as Global Crisis Worsens - Christopher Sultan, Der Spiegel *** Mugabe Foe Sworn in as Zimbabwe Prime Minister *** The Rise of Extremism in London.

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